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Save the reefs, kill a lionfish!. Non native invasive species wiping out the reef fish from the Caribbean to Carolinas. They must die and you must help. This effective, safe, non projectile is the tool of choice for Lion Tamers in South Florida. It is 28" long making it easy to carry. The band doubles as a wrist strap or can be used to clip to your BC. Stays out of the way when not in use. Stainless shaft for accurate shot. Many novice non spearos use this weapon and have killed lionfish on the first try. Watch the videos below on handling, cleaning, and preparing. Happy Hunting!

Safe, easy, effective method to shoot Lionfish.


Lion Tamer Video


NBC News Reports Inventor of Lion Tamer Video


How to Safely Filet a Lionfish by Lad Adkins Video



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